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End wildlife killing contests

As a member of the National Coalition to End Wildlife Killing Contests and in partnership with Project Coyote, OPS is working to permanently abolish contests that promote the killing of bobcats, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, wolves, otters, beavers, raccoons and other species for cash prizes.

As a wasteful and barbaric blood sport, these contests decimate vulnerable species, destroy the balance of natural ecosystems, and promote an unacceptable ethic in our treatment of nature and other sentient species.

The animals are typically not used for their meat or fur, and their bodies are thrown away. These events leave countless animals injured and dependent young orphaned, left to die from starvation, predation or exposure.

The best available science has also concluded that random killing will not control or reduce coyote numbers, reduce coyote conflicts with livestock, or increase populations of game animals like deer or turkey.

Finally, apex carnivores such as wolves and coyotes increase biodiversity, underpinning the health of forests, streams, fisheries and other wildlife—which ultimately means a more stable climate.  Besides their beauty, they are important to ecosystem health. They maintain nature’s delicate balance: controlling rodent and rabbit populations; removing sick prey animals, which keeps deer and other large herbivores healthy; and boosting the productivity of native plant communities.

As a result of our collection focus and hard work, wildlife killing contests are now prohibited in eight states, with several additional states currently considering bans. The introduction of federal legislation to ban these destructive contests on public lands is on the horizon, and local and state efforts to address this wanton killing continue.

What you can do!

Host a screening of Project Coyote’s award-winning documentary KILLING GAMES ~ Wildlife In The Crosshairs and invite friends to attend.

Learn more about wildlife killing contests and how to stop them here.

Sign the petition to end wildlife killing contests.

Ask your state legislators (find your lawmakers) to ban wildlife killing contests. Call, send letters, and meet with them in person. For sample letters and guidance, click here.

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