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OPS Feature Artist

Inspiring conservation and awareness through art

OPS is often approached by artists around the world seeking to contribute to both OPS’ mission and public awareness about issues such as wildlife conservation, climate change, and protecting oceans and marine life.

In response, we are launched our ‘OPS Feature Artist’ partnership program that features a different artist on a rotating basis. A few times a year, OPS will highlight the work of profiled artists, showcasing their artwork to motivate and ignite the activist in each of us.

OPS believes in the power of art and imagery. By featuring the amazing artwork of ‘artivists’ around the globe, we are committed to inspiring individual action and fostering collaborative solutions to the Planet’s most pressing issues.

All media and artistic platforms are invited for consideration.

Contact us to become the next OPS Feature Artist.

Stefán Yngvi

Stefán Yngvi is an ethical illustrator and artivist. Rooted deeply in conservation ethos, his artwork combines conservation messages with powerful visuals, compelling the viewer to not just see, but to feel and act. Growing up in Iceland, by the Atlantic Ocean, profoundly shaped him. “The ocean shaped who I am as a person, and the ocean’s health will shape our planet’s future.” In 2017 he started combining his art with activism and since 2019 he has been working as a full-time artivist and supporting organizations and nonprofits, driving a purposeful mission that resonates with many.

To see Stefán’s other creations and original artwork, connect with him on social media.


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