A new investigation reveals reports of shark, ray, dolphin, and whale abuse on M...More >

On Monday, the 27th, a public hearing will be held to stop the finning trade in ...More >

That's great but let's not stop there! The EU has a chance to finally establish ...More >

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11,000 sharks are killed every hour, 100 million every year. The ones that don’t die from the fishing industry immediately are left horribly maimed. Most with broken jaws, others with fins cut off. What can you do? One action is to urge @united to halt their shipment of shark fins in their cargo. We have been urging them for years to take a stand against the shark fin trade, and join the growing number of airlines prohibiting the transport of shark fins—but they still will not publicly commit to not transporting shark fins. 💔🦈 Please click the link in our bio to email United, or comment directly on their social media. Thank you @andriana_marine for capturing this content and showing the world the horrible reality sharks endure. ...

Imagine visiting the Faroe Islands as a tourist and witnessing this mass murder in person.

That’s exactly what happened to Sandra from the Czech Republic, who was interviewed by Alice Gregoire from Sea Shepherd.

In the past 8 weeks, 592 whales have been brutally slaughtered in the Faroe Islands.

Although many Faroese people are against the hunts, the Faroese people involved say that it’s “tradition.”

However their hunting methods are far from “traditional.” Instead of wooden boats with paddles, they use fast boats to hunt and cranes to process the meat, making the slaughter much more deadly than their ancestors ever could have imagined.

Furthermore, eye witnesses have captured hunters discarding the majority of carcasses back in to the ocean—which contradicts claims made by locals that they utilize most of the carcass.

Social media is a powerful tool, and we believe there is opportunity with younger generations to educate themselves about this and turn the tide in the Faroe Islands.

Please share this content and help us raise awareness about these senseless hunts in the Faroe Islands. You can also urge the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands @akselvjohannesen to stop this senseless slaughter. #stopthegrind

Video: @seashepherd/ Alice Gregoire

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