A new investigation reveals reports of shark, ray, dolphin, and whale abuse on M...More >

On Monday, the 27th, a public hearing will be held to stop the finning trade in ...More >

That's great but let's not stop there! The EU has a chance to finally establish ...More >

@VSinkevicius @EU_Commission @UN @EU_MARE @EU_ENV @EUatUN @EUintheUS @EUClimateA...More >

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OPS inspires, empowers, and connects a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

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“The amount we found... is mind-blowing.”

Over 100 new species of marine life have been discovered by researchers exploring underwater mountains off the coast of Chile.

New wildlife including coral, lobsters and sea urchins were discovered for the first time at a depth of 1388 metres - an area nearly impossible for humans to reach.
The team used cameras and a robot to capture the new and unique species, and the findings of the mission will help scientists understand more about how underwater life has been impacted by climate change.

The expedition covered around 20,400 sq miles (52,800 sq km) of ocean, from Chile to Rapa Nui - also known as Easter Island, but despite this, only around a quarter of the “global seafloor” has been mapped out. Click the link in our bio to read more.

🎥 Schmidt Ocean Institute

The captivity of free-ranging and highly intelligent marine mammals has nothing to do with teaching respect for nature or encouraging animal welfare.

It has all to do with celebrating human sovereignty over nature and disrespect for wildlife.

If consumers stop buying tickets, the exploitive practice of keeping dolphins and whales in captivity would end.

Please help us end cetacean captivity 💔

It’s shocking what humans will do to our planet to turn a profit. There are plenty of eco friendly sources of Omega-3’s but instead the waters around Antarctica are being plundered for krill, the bedrock of the food system that many marine species in the area rely on to survive. Help us expose this issue are share this video! 🎥 @seashepherd ...

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