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Ponant Eco-Adventure

Join OPS aboard Le Bellot, one of the most sustainable ships globally, for an unforgettable journey. PONANT invites you on a 9-night adventure starting from Puntarenas, Costa Rica, and ending in Colón, Panama.

Led by PONANT’s naturalist guides, daily excursions immerse guests in diverse ecosystems, including rainforests, sandy shores, and tropical islands. Zodiac excursions offer encounters with wildlife such as howler monkeys, sloths, and dolphins. PONANT’s commitment to responsible ecotourism ensures a memorable and environmentally conscious experience.


Eco-Explorations: Costa Rica to Panama

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Recognized as leaders in innovation, PONANT promotes and exemplifies responsible ecotourism. They are dedicated to supporting the creation of marine protected areas, eliminating single-use plastics, embarking scientific research teams, reusing and tracing all waste, and reducing emissions.

This  adventure will be led by PONANT’s naturalist guides that specially-tailor daily excursions amidst rainforests, sandy shorelines, mangroves, tropical islands, lush landscapes, canyons, and waterfalls. The expertly designed itinerary includes exploring diverse ecosystems, charming towns, and local artisans. Zodiac excursions invite guests to immerse themselves in the rich biodiversity of these regions that are home to howler monkeys, tropical birds, sloths, sea turtles, dolphins, iguanas, crocodiles, sharks, whales, and more.  These are especially ideal destinations for those who enjoy hiking, birding, or snorkeling.

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For reservations, please contact PONANT: (877) 415-0407 | [email protected]

Please mention:  Oceanic Preservation Society – Cruise Code EE050325

Checks can be mailed to:

PONANT Cruises

420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2838

New York, NY 10170

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