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Sea of Connections

Sea of Connections is an educational mural campaign that will create interactive art experiences to empower students to create, explore, and protect our oceans.

In collaboration with Canvas of the Wild, our mission is to create a global network of murals to celebrate the rich biodiversity of the oceans, while providing interactive elements that connect viewers to information about marine species and ecosystems, and that bring the murals to life.

Utilizing unique technology embedded within the murals, these works of art will live on buildings in strategic locations, inspiring students and local communities, while bringing the ocean to urban settings.  

Each mural is connected to a digital knowledge base that will celebrate our oceans and highlight the life-sustaining role that our oceans play in protecting the planet.

We need your help to reach more students and communities around the globe.

Phase I of our first Sea of Connections mural by Kelly Quinn at the iPrep Academy in Miami, Florida is complete—but funds are needed to complete Phase II.

Dedicated to Kristin Jacobs, the Florida legislator who championed shark protection in Florida before passing from cancer in April 2020, this mural—when complete—will showcase the diverse coastal ecosystems and marine life of Florida.

The Kristin Jacobs Ocean Conservation Act banned the importation and sale of shark fins in Florida in September 2020.

Phase I of the mural highlights native marine megafauna of Florida, including whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, and other fish. Details about each species are connected through NFC tags to an educational database that can be accessed via a smart phone

Inspired by the native species of the Florida Reef Tract, our ‘Coral Connections’ mural will educate students at iPrep Academy on the critical role that coral reefs play in ocean protection while illuminating native coral species.

Support our global campaign.

The issues facing the ocean are vast and diverse. Overfishing, fossil fuel extraction, pollution, climate chaos, and the directed hunting of whales and dolphins continues to take its toll on our oceans. 

While these issues are dire, the way that we educate, connect, and inspire communities does not have to be. 

At OPS, we believe in the power of art and imagery. We know that art has the ability to reach people like no other medium can, inspiring hope, connection, and motivation to activate the next generation of ocean heroes.

Every year, our goal is to expand the available curriculum in the Canvas of the Wild knowledge base with two new mural locations in places that need them the most, including curriculum-based activity books for schools and parents.

What you can do!

Learn more about the project. #seaofconnections

Explore how our murals come to life.

Check out progress on our first mural project in Miami.

Donate to support our global campaign to bring interactive murals to urban landscapes around the globe.

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