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We are Racing Extinction, and we cannot afford to lose.

Racing Extinction exposes the trafficking in wildlife and other crimes against nature in a race to protect all life from mass extinction.

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Racing Extinction
Exposing the hidden world of wildlife crime

Infiltrating the world’s most dangerous black markets, a covert team unmasks the dark world of wildlife trafficking, a lucrative and organized enterprise with links to criminal syndicates. Using high-tech tactics, OPS reveals never-before-seen images that will forever change the way we see the world, bringing a voice to the thousands of species teetering on the brink of survival.

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Since Racing Extinction's Release in 2015


Estimated number of species lost every year.


Students who have participated in Racing Extinction virtual field trips


Number of students reached by Racing Extinction educational curricula

End the wildlife trade and take action to stop the extinction crisis.

Join the OPS community to become a part of the movement.

The global wildlife trade: Commercial trafficking in wildlife is a crime against nature.

Endangered species are being harvested, hunted, displaced, and bought and sold around the world. Humankind’s demand for exotic wildlife parts and products for consumption or curiosity is driving species towards extinction.

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We are facing an extinction crisis.
Scientists predict that humanity's footprint on the planet may cause the loss of 50% of all species by the end of the century.

We have entered the sixth major extinction in Earth’s history, following the fifth great extinction which caused the dinosaurs to vanish. Extinction is the single biggest story that will impact all life on earth. Climate change and our consumer choices are testing the planet’s resiliency.

Filming of Racing Extinction took place in 10 countries.

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During the film’s coldest shoot, it was -20°F while filming methane escaping the Alaskan permafrost

Offset your carbon footprint
Humankind's expanding carbon footprint imperils all life.
Carbon emissions are contributing to global climate change, impacting the marine ecosystem in profound ways. The ocean is becoming more acidic, threatening the ocean's delicate balance.

Our current era is called the Anthropocene, or “Age of Man,” because evidence shows that humanity has sparked a cataclysmic change in the world’s natural environment, threatening all life on earth. We are the only ones who can stop the global changes now underway.

What we consume impacts wildlife and the environment.
The trade in wildlife parts and consumption of animal products is a destructive force that undermines the protection of the climate and endangered species worldwide.

What we eat defines our ecological footprint. The production of animal-based foods is linked to higher greenhouse gas emissions than plant-based foods. A plant-based diet requires a third of the land needed to support a meat-heavy diet, and overall wastes less of the resources we desperately need to conserve.

Half of all marine and land species on the planet may be lost to extinction by the year 2100.

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Meet the Cast & Crew

Louie Psihoyos
Sean Heinrichs
Leilani Münter
Environmentalist, Race Car Driver
Paul Hilton
Photo Journalist
Joel Sartore
Heather Rally
Covert Operations
Chris Clark
Senior Scientist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Travis Threlkel
Chief Creative Officer, Obscura
Documentary Credits

Louie Psihoyos


Olivia Ahnemann

Fisher Stevens

Executive Producer

Dieter Paulmann


Mark Monroe


J. Ralph


Geoff Richman, A.C.E.

Lyman Smith

Jason Zeldes


Gina Papabeis


John Behrens

Sean Kirby

Petr Stepanek

Shawn Heinrichs

Co-Executive Producer

Paul G. Allen

Jody Allen

Solina Chau

Dan Nelson

Trammell S. Crow

John Paul DeJoria

William von Mueffling

Kenneth Lerer

Line Producer

Patti Bonnet

Associate Producer

Adrienne Hall

Chip Comins

W. Wilder Knight II

Tom Shadyac

Laura Seydel

Rutherford Seydel

Jim Swartz

Susan Swartz

Heidi Roddenberry

Rod Roddenberry


Mickey Houlihan

Production Coordinator

Daniel Wright

Assistant Production Coordinator

Candace Crespi

Assistant Editor

Joshua Steele Minor

Matthew Stamm

Documentary Awards

2016 Emmy Awards

Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking Nominee

2015 Blue Ocean Film Festival
Best of Festival

2015 VIFF Film Festival
Official Selection

2015 Seattle International Film Festival
Official Selection

2016 Academy Award® Nominee

Best Original Song, “Manta Ray”

Nantucket Film Festival

2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

2015 DREFF Film Festival
Official Selection

Crested Butte Film Festival
Act Now Award

Green Film Network
Best Green Film of the Decade Award

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