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Fly without fins

Halting shipments of shark fins is important for conserving shark species yet so many airlines continue to allow the transport of shark fins in their cargo.

Sharks have existed on earth for over 400 million years. They predate dinosaurs and even trees. Despite this, in just three decades, shark populations have plummeted by 80% with the IUCN listing at least two-thirds of sharks as vulnerable or threatened. The shark fin trade is a primary cause of this drastic decline. Continuing to carry shark fins as cargo helps continue this sad trend toward the extinction of these species.

As apex predators, sharks play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. They keep marine populations balanced by preying on weak and sick individuals, an essential role for ocean health. Declining shark populations are producing negative, significant and far-reaching consequences, impacting not only the stability of marine wildlife communities but also the food supply of millions of people.

Please help us urge United Airlines join the growing number of airlines prohibiting the transport of shark fins and take a stand against the shark fin trade.

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