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Our Common Future

Statement of Louie Psihoyos, Executive Director of OPS, in response to presidential election outcomes.

The last four years have been a setback for the environment and humanity, but there is a silver lining in even the direst of events. The Trump Administration pulled America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, rolled back some of the best environmental laws of the last 50 years, and installed unqualified industry hacks to replace public servants and respected scientists to dismantle environmental protection.  

He has fostered hate, championed ignorance, uttered tens of thousands of lies, and generally brought out the worst impulses of humanity.  

But in doing so, he reminded us what is important; love and compassion, community and character, and intelligence and a respect for the natural world that holds this fragile blue planet together.  

The pendulum is swinging back and we will soon have the momentum again — and none too soon. Climate scientists tells us we have 10 more years to solve the climate emergency or we face escalating natural disasters that jeopardize all life on the planet.

The films and projection events we create with our partners are some of the most powerful weapons in the world. I call them weapons of ‘mass construction’ because they not only entertain, they educate and inspire people to take action which can have a positive global impact.  

Our past films The Cove, Racing Extinction, and The Game Changers — along with our projection events that cast brilliant imagery on the United Nations, The Empire State Building, and the Vatican — have collectively been seen by billions of people around the world, scaling social change and helping to save species around the world.  

But we’re just getting warmed up. We have a half-dozen projects in the pipeline that are going to be instrumental in helping to shape the future we want to create. Stay tuned, or if you’d like to invest in changing the world with us, give us a ring.  

For the Wild,

Louie Psihoyos

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