A 200 mph "Blackfish" Poster for the Orcas

To reach a tipping point or “move the needle” with any activism we can’t be preaching to the choir but need to actively engage the other side. At OPS we are solar and wind powered. Our founder Louie Psihoyos drives an electric car powered by the solar panels on his home. Race car driver Leilani Munter, when not speeding around the race track, also powers 

her electric car with solar from her roof. You could say that both Louie and Leilani are driving on sunshine. But Leilani also understands that in order to reach mainstream America about these issues, she needs to get behind the wheel of her race car and bring these messages to the fans. Leilani often says, "If we only speak to people who already believe in the same things we do, who is going to change the minds of those who don't?"

That’s why this lead-footed beauty emblazons her race car with messages of environmental awareness to adoring fans at 200 mph. You may remember Leilani raced "The Cove" car at Daytona in 2010 and raced the plight of the dolphins into the hearts of millions of race fans. Leilani is back and she's not done fighting for our friends in the sea.

Leilani has the opportunity to race at Talladega Superspeedway on May 3, 2014. The race will be televised live on Fox Sports 1, available in 90 million homes in North America. Leilani wants to use this incredible opportunity to promote the film “Blackfish.” She will also give away free copies of “Blackfish” to fans at the race. We need to raise $115,000 for Leilani to enter the race with a top race team. We want to make sure Leilani has every opportunity to make history by becoming the first woman to win an ARCA race, and we want her to do it in a “Blackfish” race car. Imagine how much awareness that would bring to mainstream America about the fight to end cetacean captivity. If we do not raise the funds in time to race at Talladega, Leilani will run the car at another televised race later in the year as soon as the funds are in place. The cost for the remaining 2014 televised races drops to $85,000. However, our priority is to get to Talladega on May 3rd because this race has a very large television viewing audience.

Many people still buy tickets to dolphin and orca abusement parks because they don't know the truth about these parks and can't see beyond their slick advertising campaigns. It's time we place our own ad fighting against captivity and Leilani's car is a 200 mph ad for the orcas. In this race, victory will be measured by every race fan that sees the film. Documentary veterans say when you are done making a documentary you are only half way there. Ladies and gentlemen, for the orcas, start your engines! 

Please make a tax-deductible donation here to help bring the issue of orca captivity to millions of race fans. Please note “For Talladega."